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Glenna H. Woodward
Glenna Woodward coached several sports at HHS between 1956 and 1965.  She was the girls’ field hockey coach from 1956 until it was disbanded in 1960, and she also coached girls individually in track so they could enter meets as individuals, as HHS did not have track teams at the time. 

She was the first HHS girl’s tennis coach, beginning the team in 1964, establishing a program that 
dominated girl’s tennis for 3 decades. Glenna was best known for coaching the HHS girl’s basketball team from 1957 through 1965.  During this time she built a strong program and established a winning tradition at HHS.  Her final 2 teams were City/County Champions – there being no regional or state championships at the time.  The 1965 team recorded a perfect 10-0 record. 

Glenna was an outstanding basketball player at Dayton High School, graduating in 1950.  She was a member of a very athletic family, as her brother “Skip” Hill and sister Patty Hill Burkholder were also outstanding athletes.  Glenna graduated from Shenandoah C
ollege at Dayton in 1952, then from Shepherd College in 1954.  She began her coaching career at 
Mt. Clinton High School before coming to HHS in 1956.  Glenna Woodward passed away on March 8, 1997.

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