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Co-Head Coaches
Mary Jo Saunders 
Matt Denlinger ( )

A. Week of July 31st practice schedule
B. Notes on practice schedule
C.  Required safety meeting
D. No physical, no practice
E. Parent help this season


A. Week of Aug. 1 practice schedule (Varsity 9th - 12th)

Monday, July 30:  7-9 a.m. Wilbur Pence MS Dayton
Tuesday, July 31: 7-9 a.m. Purcell Park
Wednesday, Aug. 1: 7-9 a.m., Wilbur Pence MS, Dayton
Thursday, Aug. 2: 7-9 a.m., Hillandale Park, first parking lot on the right
Friday, Aug. 3:  7-9 a.m. EMU track

Directions to Wilbur Pence Middle School:  This middle school is approximately 3 miles from the high school and gives us more opportunities to run mileage on dirt roads in horse-and-buggy country.

Head south on Va. 42. Turn right on Eberly across from the Hair Corral/Grammy's Ice Cream. At the stop sign, turn left and go over the bridge.  Make an immediate right onto Bowman Road. The school is up the road on the left.


1. Because of thunderstorms and heat issues, the early morning is the best time to practice. We'll most likely do this for just two weeks and then the week before school starts, move to at least some evening practices so that we can adjust to running in the afternoon heat.  I realize this time won't suit everyone and won't please everyone, and not everyone will be able to attend. Please let me know if you can't attend and I will send you a workout.

2.  Also, the locations are not convenient for everyone. Harrisonburg is frankly a difficult place to be a distance runner in. Running in Dayton provides several options for our various groups of athletes.

3. Please get up in time to eat something, a banana or a half of bagel, before you arrive. Bring plenty of water.

4. If you are late, we will already be running and you will not be able to find us, so just stay home and run from your house.

5. If you have any physical issues, do not come to practice.  I will trust that you are using good judgment and being your body's best coach that day. It is much better for everyone if you stay home and be responsible for yourself, rather than putting yourself, your teammates and your coach in a difficult position of taking care of you.

6. Summer practices consist of a short warm-up and then assignment of loops to run, based on your fitness. Emphasis is on time on your feet or general mileage at a comfortable pace. If athletes don't know the loop, I provide directions on a piece of paper carried by a leader who is in charge of keeping everyone together (this is why coming to practice when you are tired or sick is bad idea, see #5). When we return, we stretch. Pretty simple.

7. I am required to supervise all athletes until they are picked up from practice (or depart under their own steam, by bike, car or on foot). Please be prompt in your pick-up.

8.  I welcome any parents who want to run with or ride a bike alongside a group of runners.

C. Safety meeting: I sent an email a few minutes ago with this information. Please let me know if you did not receive it. A parent is required to attend one of four Safety Meeting options by Aug. 12. If no attendance, no practice.

D. No physical, no practice.

E. Parent Help This Season.  Some of you have generously offered to help with team meals and a few other tasks that I am asking for help with this season.  This week is a busy one. I'll be in touch soon.

Thanks for reading,
Co-Head Coachs Mary-Jo Saunders and Matt Denlinger
Questions? Email is best.