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The Harrisonburg High School Athletics Hall of Fame was established in 2008 with the first class of inductees.  The Hall commemorates, celebrates and honors the many accomplishments and impact that those chosen for this highest honor have had in Blue Streak Athletics.  They are student athletes, coaches, and contributors who have shaped and formed our program.  Their names hang proudly in the Main Gymnasium of the Claude E. Warren Athletic Complex at Harrisonburg High School, alongside the many District, Region and State championship banners that all of them helped to bring to Harrisonburg.  Their legacy is one that current Blue Streaks strive to build upon as they shape their own impact on our school and the program they represent.  Once a Blue Streak, Always a Blue Streak.

This site is currently under construction and is by no means complete at this point.  We are populating the Hall member biographical information over the next few weeks.  This information is not meant to chronicle all the events of an individuals career.  What we hope it does is present the high lights and major accomplishments that they achieved which led the Hall of Fame Committee to recognize them with election to the Hall.  If you have an anecdote or story you would like to share and feel it would add to the readers understanding and vision of a Hall member, please submit it to the Athletic Department so we can review it for possible inclusion in their biographical information.

If you are someone who knew a Hall member or saw them compete, we hope that the biographies bring back fond memories.  For readers who are seeking to learn more about Hall members and their careers, we hope that you glean from this information the passion, courage, commitment and sacrifice that it takes to reach the heights of athletic achievement.  But do so with the full understanding that striving to uphold the legacy that these Blue Streaks have left us, serves as the foundation on which we should build our current goals of achievement.  Not to match what they have done, but to honor them with the same dedication and commitment that they put forth.

Go Streaks!